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Upgrading your convertible top cylinders, pumps & hoses without compromise

Top Hydraulics rebuilds convertible top cylinders and pumps, making them better than new inside, resulting in optimized performance and much longer service life!

Convertible top cylinders: Almost all high-end convertibles today use old technology to seal the hydraulic cylinders and pumps. The shelf lifetime of the Polyurethane seals most frequently used is about ten years. Heat, water, and additives can even accelerate that decay! The expected average service life of Top Hydraulics' cylinder rebuilds is 30-50 years.

Top Hydraulics, Inc. uses Viton™ and Teflon™-hybrid seals, as well as advanced HPU seals which far exceed the OEM's requirements for rigidity, but provide between twice and ten times the service life, based on scientific test data - our warranty proves it. We never replace just a single seal and we never settle for the seal quality used in the original part. The standard warranty on our rebuilds is 3 years. In an average cylinder, Top Hydraulics, Inc. replaces and upgrades seven seals, including the port seals where the hoses go in.

Some of our upgrades include replacing interior parts with precisely machined ones that allow us to use seals of superior quality, material, size, and geometry. Top Hydraulics, Inc. is the largest remanufacturer of convertible top cylinders, utilizing over a dozen CNC machines for the rebuild process and for component production. We start out with OEM products and eliminate the weak spots. Replacing your leaking cylinders will buy you the original problem back - Top Hydraulics' upgrades get you a product that is far better than new inside.

Convertible top pumps: Top Hydraulics, Inc. also offers rebuild service and core exchange for most modern convertible top hydraulic pumps. With tens of thousands of convertible top pumps shipped, nobody else comes close to our experience level. Of course, we replace and upgrade all seals in your pump, we fine tune the moving parts inside, and make sure that all electrical components inside the pump are ready to perform for decades. Our extensive final test ensures that your pump leaves our facilities performing better than a new one - no kidding! 

Convertible top hoses: Top Hydraulics manufactures NEW, high pressure hydraulic top hoses for most brands. Our hose material is sourced exclusively in Germany, custom made to our specifications, without compromise. This allows us to produce the best hoses on the market, optimized for the application and for ease of installation. We NEVER use mere brake hoses for convertible top applications. All of our hoses have Polyamide outer jackets, superior bonding between layers and superior reinforcement around the inner tube. Most of our hoses will hold up to pressures in excess of 30,000 psi, which is over ten times the operating pressure in any modern convertible top.